Digitize and Transform Quality Across Your Value Chain

End-to-end automation of the quality ecosystem to reduce cost and increase output.

Quality360 moves your organization forward.


Digitization, Automation, and Customization of Quality processes.


Comprehensive Defect Identification through machine vision using deep learning.


Inbuilt analytics to predict and prevent abnormalities.

'Quality360 is an AI-powered, innovative solution that optimizes and automates quality across the entire value chain – from design to delivery.'

  • Industry agnostic and scalable platform.
  • Eliminate unpredictability in your quality processes.
  • Built-in analytics that provides live data and reports.
  • Ensures a thorough and complete quality process aimed at zero defects.
  • Automation that leverages quality as a strategic enabler for growth.
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Industry Relevant and Feature-rich


Trace a defect to the source:

Quality360 helps bring the entire value chain on to a single platform and ensures alignment on every parameter that may have been defined. Data comes into a single system. Defect identification and tracking becomes seamless and easier. 


A complete quality solution:

Quality360 is the only solution in the market that caters to not just quality at the manufacturing end of the value chain. It is built keeping in mind the entire value chain, right from design, to sourcing, raw materials, prototyping, manufacturing and finally delivery.


Advanced Digitization:

All quality checks, forms and procedures are completely digitized, allowing no room for loss of knowledge and ensuring quick turnaround time by integrating approval workflows. Quality360 is an ever-evolving and regularly updated tool that ensures advanced digitization and superior output.


Simple even for non-QC teams:

A simple and user-friendly interface and quick information retrieval ensure even non-specialists can effectively, swiftly and accurately execute the QC procedures. With preset and customizable quality-check parameters and enabled and advanced visual learning, Quality360 truly empowers your QC/QA teams.


Flexible and customizable:

Quality360 allows complete customization of QC parameters and is industry agnostic. It allows integration of quality lab reports, tweaking, altering and adding QC parameters, and advanced vision and machine learning to ensure a thorough and “Zero Undetected Defects” QC.


Security that you can depend on:

Quality360 safeguards company data by incorporating layers of security to prevent unauthorized access and breach. Passcodes and user identification combined with Geolocations and Geofencing allow QC checks in multiple production facilities and locations with uncompromising data security.


In-built analytics:

Accurate data analytics is one of the most important aspects and pain-point for profitable decision-making. Knowledge often gets distorted during manual data transfer from one team to another, hindering data-driven business decisions. With Quality360’s AI-powered inbuilt digital analytics, data authenticity is preserved and you have a single source of truth for all QC-related inquiries.


Automate time consuming processes:

Quality360 uses the power of AI to automatically generate inspection plans, evaluate key quality parameters and captures data from different sources in a matter of seconds. Quality360 can help connect devices across the value chain to ensure the flow of information is done in real-time, seamless and with the same dedication both within and outside the organization.

Quality360 has helped companies across industries proactively leverage quality as a revenue enhancer!


Quality Planning, Assurance and Control (QP / QA / QC) across the value chain is a challenge for any manufacturer. Implementing Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing practices in the organization is not easy, it gets even more compounded when there are multiple suppliers.

Quality360 helps digitize all practices through secure devices, eliminates human intervention where seen as a hurdle. It focuses on data-driven decision making to not only help reduce existing pain points, but also predict anomalies that could occur. With advanced machine vision capabilities that can be added at crucial steps, there is little scope for manual error.

Quality360 helps:

  • Define the quality standards you want to achieve.
  • Select the most effective and applicable QC method to achieve it.
  • Automates, aligns and manages the methodology to proactively deliver the standards you have set.

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Wastage and send backs at every step of the fashion manufacturing process can all add up and impact both delivery timelines and costs. Managing Quality from fabric to final output is challenging given the multiple stakeholders involved. To add to this there are multiple standards and guidelines that need to be adhered to, especially with multiple designs and SKUs.

Quality360 helps bring the entire ecosystem under one platform and helps digitize even the steps that are currently done manually. With advanced visual learning capabilities and data tracked at every step, there is little scope for ambiguity in the manufacturing process.

Quality360 helps:

  • Define the quality standards you want to achieve.
  • Define the quality standards you want to achieve.
  • Automates, aligns and manages the methodology to proactively deliver the standards you have set.

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Consumer Goods

The Consumer Goods industry is fast-paced and continuously experiencing new challenges due to ever-increasing customer expectations, competition, and stringency of compliance standards. There is a constant demand to be relevant to the customer and improve the experience. This means the quality team needs to be looking not just at improving the existing product line, but ensuring that the new ones are at the same quality standards.

Quality360 enables consumer goods companies to streamline, manage, assess, and track their quality processes efficiently by creating a closed-loop system and gain a competitive edge. It helps bring in the right process automation, visual tracking and improvements when needed to stay one step ahead, all the time.

Quality360 helps:

  • Define the quality standards you want to achieve.
  • Select the most effective and applicable QC method to achieve it.
  • Automates, aligns and manages the methodology to proactively deliver the standards you have set.

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Set the Benchmark with Zero Defects Identified!

The biggest dent in customer experience is a damaged or defective product. Protect your brand image by investing in Quality360, a comprehensive quality management product with analytical capabilities, machine sensory learning, and predictive automation and controls that ensure Zero Defects Identified. Quality360 seamlessly integrates with your current production systems and provides a hassle-free, comprehensive, proactive digital solution to detect and prevent production errors.


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