Understanding Quality 5.0 from the Prism of Industry 5.0

In an interesting study published by Gartner, 88% of service leaders said that their existing quality assurance (QA) processes were ineffective and rarely matched the expectations of their customers’ views of quality. This particular report focuses on companies handling customer service relations. If one were to look at quality assurance satisfaction in other industries, business leaders are likely to echo a similar statement on how “Quality” remains the biggest challenge for them on a day-to-day basis. With the focus shifting from productivity to quality, organizations worldwide are constantly looking for better solutions that can elevate their quality management through advanced technology and smart automation.


Quality 4.0 - The Current Benchmark for Quality Management

Quality 4.0 is the current benchmark for quality management across industries. The ASQ website has an interesting article on “Quality 4.0.” It states how by using the principles of Quality 4.0, quality professionals can evolve from being enforcers of quality to successful navigators who help their organizations to achieve business goals with quality as a key benchmark. We are now at an interesting juncture where computing technology has evolved significantly. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, and Blockchain are just some of the significant changes being heralded by the growth of technology.

We have already observed how automation is saving time and effort in large factories and reducing human intervention. On one side, we have automation simplifying tasks in the manufacturing sector, and on the other, we worry about robots taking over human jobs. Unfortunately, this is the price of progress and skilled workers need to branch out and learn new skills so that they do not become redundant. Data is being used to predict quality issues in the manufacturing and supply chain lifecycle. AI and Deep Learning models are being used to run simulations to estimate where things could go wrong and to take preventive measures. This is how Quality 4.0 is shaping up and impacting the manufacturing industry.

Industry 5.0 and Preparing for Quality 5.0 – The Long Road Ahead

When organizations are still looking to implement the best practices highlighted by Quality 4.0, there are whispers and murmurs of “Quality 5.0” and all the changes that it is going to bring to the world of quality management. The fact remains that this is still a promising idea on paper or in its most nascent stages. The key here for organizations is to ensure that their manufacturing processes adhere to the guidelines laid down for implementing Quality 4.0.

The key trigger for the usage of the term “Quality 5.0” is the use of the term “Industry 5.0.” Experts indicate that Industry 5.0 is to be viewed as an add-on to Industry 4.0. Industry 5.0 highlights the importance of human-robot collaboration to improve the manufacturing process. The European Commission offers some interesting views on Industry 5.0.

The industry of the future should focus on the well-being of each individual and the impact of the goods produced on society. It also considers the impact of manufacturing processes and factories on the environment and seeks to use energy-efficient production practices that reduce the carbon footprint.

Quality360 – A Step Towards the Future

Quality360 is a flagship product from 3FramesLabs. It is powered by state-of-the-art and future-ready technology integrating deep learning, automation, and customization to offer a comprehensive quality management solution. With a special focus on the manufacturing and production sectors, Quality 360 can be used by organizations to track which sub-process within the manufacturing plant has maximum quality issues. This information can then be used to reduce quality defects. In a large-scale production plant or factory, this can lead to substantial savings in costs and help improve the overall manufacturing process.

The product in its current form seeks to offer organizations a robust solution that helps companies handle end-to-end quality management. Focusing on the entire supply chain from sourcing to design and delivery Qualty360 will help your organization meet its quality goals with ease.

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